Moores Electronics performs repairs on Axis PTZ Dome Network Cameras and fixed stationary Network Cameras.

We have repaired hundreds of these Network cameras for major retailers, City and County Governments, Casinos, Airports and many integrators throughout the United States.

You can repair multiple Axis PTZ Network Cameras for the cost of one new camera saving them from the landfill and reducing your carbon footprint.

Our services include the repair of surveillance cameras, camera switchers, PTZ Camera controllers, NVRs, DVRs, Fiber Optic transmitters, Fiber Optic receivers, Raid Power Supplies and encoders.

Moores Electronics repairs multiple models of Axis PTZ and fixed Network cameras.  Here are some models listed below.

  • Q6032

  • Q6034

  • Q6034-E

  • Q6042

  • Q6042-E

  • Q6044

  • Q6044-E

  • Q6045

  • Q6045-E

  • Q6052

  • Q6052-E

  • Q6055

  • Q6055-E

  • Q6054

  • Q6054-E

  • Q6074

  • Q6074-E

  • Q6075

  • Q6075-E