Home Audio
Our home audio line consisists of compact AM/FM/CD players or for those of you who wish to build your system, we have individual component AM/FM receivers, cd changers and speakers. We will explain to you how surround sound works and what it takes to have a true working surround sound system.


If you want to convert all those old vinyl records onto CD or MP3, we have a turntable that will do that as well. All you need is a computer and that's it! You can convert an entire LP to disc or you can built a MP3 database and pick which songs from which records and make you own unique CD. In addition, we have a universal analog (RCA) converter that connects to your PC that allows you to take virtually any audio device such as a cassette tape deck, portable audio device, etc. and convert it to a MP3 file on your PC.


Portable Audio

We carry various portable audio equipment such as shoebox cassette tape records, pocket audio recorders, pocket am/fm radios, headphones, portable am/fm/cd radios and super tuner AM/FM radio by RCA.



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